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Transit Design

Eastridge Transit Center & Bus Improvements Project 

  • San Jose, CA

  • Design: Completed in 2013

  • Construction: Completed in 2016

The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority retained R&M as prime consultant for the Eastridge Transit Center & Bus Improvements. The work of the Eastridge Transit Center and Bus Improvements Contract is the Phase 1B of the Capitol Expressway Light Rail Project, following the Pedestrian Improvements Contract.  The work included clearing and grubbing, demolition, excavation, street improvements, AC paving, addition of curb and gutter and sidewalk, multiuse path, street and pedestrian lighting, landscaping, new utilities, conduits, service connections, signing striping and miscellaneous  other work.  Work at Eastridge Mall generally included reconfiguration and expansion of Eastridge Transit Center (ETC), relocation of the Eastridge Mall Loop Road, Bus Operators Facility, pump station, signing and striping, landscape including irrigation system, hardscape, street and pedestrian lighting, electrical, mechanical utilities and miscellaneous other work.  Generally running from north to south, Eastridge Transit Center and Bus Improvements contract will begin south of Capitol Expressway / Capitol Avenue intersection in the City of San Jose.  Construction completed in 2016.

Vasona Corridor Project - San Jose

  • San Jose, CA

  • Design - completed 1999

  • Construction - completed 2004

R & M was the Design Task Manager for the 2 mile, $40 million extension of Light Rail Transit into downtown San Jose. The Project includes three new light rail stations, including a new station at the popular San Jose Arena and a terminal station at San Jose State University. 


Capitol Avenue Light Rail Extension - San Jose

  • San Jose, CA

  • Design - completed 2000

  • Construction - completed 2004

R & M was the lead Civil Engineer providing Plans, Specifications and Estimates for the Capitol Light Rail extension in the City of San Jose including; roadway, drainage, utility, rail and traffic signal modification design. The Capitol Avenue segment was constructed for a length of 3 miles down the median of his major arterial in the City of San Jose, crossing State Route 182 along the proposed route. 


Capitol Expressway LRT GDC - San Jose

San Jose, CA

  • Design - completed 2011

  • Construction - TBC

R & M is the General Design Consultant for preparation of preliminary and final design for the 3.5 mile extension of light rail transit into southeast San Jose. The project includes four new light rail stations, and median and side-running light rail on guideway  in three locations. A new bus transit center at Eastridge Mall is included. This $300 million project is the only extension of light rail transit underway in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Downtown LRT Platform Retrofit - San Jose

  • San Jose, CA

  • Design - completed 2007

  • Construction - completed 2008

R & M was retained by Santa Clara VTA to provide civil and structural design services for renovation of four LRT stations in downtown San Jose to meet ADA and new low-floor trains requirements. This $65 million project includes stations San Antonio Northbound, San Antonio Southbound, Santa Clara Northbound, Santa Clara Southbound, Children's Discovery Museum and Convention Center. The project included upgrades to meet current ADA, VTA and City of San Jose requirements.     


Evelyn Avenue/Mountain View Transit Station Design

  • San Jose, CA

  • Design - Completed 2003

  • Construction - Completed 2005

The Transit Station at Evelyn Avenue represents a gateway to the City of Mountain View from the Transit Corridor and is a multimodal transfer center for the VTA light rail, JPB Caltrain, VTA buses, local shuttle services and private autos.  It is also the last north end station for the Tasman Light Rail line. As a civil sub-consultant to SBA Architects, R&M prepared all preliminary civil plans for Evelyn Avenue between Castro and Calderon, the park-n-ride layout for the station, station periphery layout and proposed signal plans as part of the Downtown Mountain View Transit Center conceptual study for the City of Mountain View.