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Big Data in Transportation Planning

Big data technology helps engineers design massive infrastructures, while avoiding normally unforeseen problems. For instance, public transportation systems are critical to the infrastructure of any modern city. Civil engineers use big data solutions to learn how to lessen the impact that public transit has on the environment by reducing the effects of fossil fuel emissions and energy consumption.The rapid growth in data in the social domain requires a medium to ingest, analyse and visualise traditional and new information sources. Moving towards smart cities, it is especially crucial for regional planning and state agencies to have instantaneous access to a variety of information for planning, and aid in effort to minimize congestion, reduce vehicle miles travelled (VMT) and improve air quality.


R&M proposes to use a successfully tested platform called Urban Observatory (Mi – Flash) for big data analysis and presentation for its projects. The technology helps make use of land patterns in the most effective way possible and design Smart Cities that utilize the most effective, functional and environmentally friendly transportation routes available. Big data analytics will be used to combine different types and source of data for detailed analysis. Specific information can then be derived by correlating the data and presenting the correlations from various angles.